We offer to our client the right team with the extensive project management experience. Project management essential traits are high levels of co-ordination and co-operation combined with different management approach. Only when all concerned in a project operate on the same level, the desired end result can be fully achieved. Experience and creativity ensure that TVASTHA is the right partner to bring a project to successful conclusion and meet Client’s goal.

As a part and parcel of Project Management service, we offer following effective sub-services:

  • Management of EPCM services
  • Project Planning, Scheduling and work breakdown structure (WBS) creation
  • Costs, Time and Resources (CTR) & Costs, Time and deliverable (CTD) are prepared
  • Planning levels creation level 1 to 5.
  • Cost Estimating, preparation, assurance and Control 
  • Scheduling and Progress Control 
  • Project and Quality, Health, Safety Environment (QHSE) Assurance 
  • Commissioning Management and Assistance 
  • Program Management