Our technical expertise and experienced workforce utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to FEED level projects. Our idea behind Front End Loading is to minimize committed costs early in a project in order to maximize the end-result. 

The essence of Front End Loading is to ensure that the maximum value has been built into the Project during the early phases of design to be set-up for success in execution. The value is built into the Project during the phases Identify, Evaluate, Select and Define Phase. The early phases (until the end of Define) of the project are the opportunity for Value Creation. This is where the Value Improvement Practices should be applied and attention given to producing quality deliverables. 

Define phase uses the selected concept, technical scope, cost and schedule for Final Investment Decision. Our FEED specialists ensure that the design of a project meets the project schedule, ROI, operating costs and budget, while sustaining to commitment and operational excellence. During this BFD stage input is obtained from all relevant disciplines (e.g. Process, Piping, pipeline, Mechanical, C&A, Electrical, Civil/Structural).

We can provide FEED services for major projects, including first-of-a-kind technologies, mega scale projects, and licensor design packages. We have extensive experience preparing lump sum bid packages and has many reference packages to facilitate completion of work in an right timeframe.

Front-end engineering and design is defined as the work required to produce- process and engineering documentation of sufficient quality and depth to adequately define the project requirements for detailed engineering, procurement and construction of facilities.

FEED/FEL project has the following characteristics:

  • 50% - 70% engineering task are completed
  • Cost estimate and Schedule is of Level 3 type with accuracy is in the order of +15% / -10%.
  • Evaluate options that will improve the return on assets (ROA)
  • Major Process, Control, Safeguarding, Project Specification, Instrument and HSE philosophies are finalized & HOLD list is maintained
  • Conduct hazardous operations reviews like Design review, HAZID, SIL assessment, Model review, QRA workshops are conducted
  • Prepare cost estimates for scope definition and support for internal funding requirements
  • Develop the engineering design packages that can be used to bid a lump sum EPC scope and / or provide the foundation for the detailed engineering phase
  • Project execution strategy and procurement plan/schedule is prepared.
  • Ensure major HSE Risks are identified, assessed & managed during this phase
  • Execution and Contracting Strategy is prepared
  • Preliminary Project Execution Plan is prepared and high risk if any shall be addressed.
  • Bottom line contingency is in the order of ±10%

Basis for Design (BFD)/FEED package/FEL Package/Basic Engineering Package all are similar and is the report/package is the deliverable from the Define phase.