Our engineers are expert in Select phase and preparing Concept/Feasibility/Pre-FEED study report. The best concept solution is selected for delivering value from the Project and indicates why other choices are not preferred. A feasibility study refines the preferred Base Case option as presented in a successful pre-feasibility study. The study provides the required level of detail to support a decision for the commitment of resources (funds, manpower) required to design, construct, and operate the facility.

The Concept/Feasibility/Pre-FEED study has the following characteristics:

  • 25% - 50% engineering task are completed
  • Cost estimate and Schedule is of Level 2 type with accuracy is in the order of +20% / -15%.
  • Data is collected and assumptions are made with respect to the project scope, costs and schedule and understand what & how to be accomplish the goal and how to exit.
  • Accurate and detail CAPEX & OPEX is established and the contingency allowance is justified.
  • Project execution strategy and procurement plan/schedule is prepared.
  • Development of the Base Case option, environmental impacts fully identified, socio-economic issues have been fully identified and adequately addressed.
  • Ensure major HSE Risks are identified, assessed & managed during this phase and risk registry is reviewed in detail and the mitigation strategies are developed.
  • ALARP Demonstration
  • Execution and Contracting Strategy
  • Preliminary Project Execution Plan is prepared and high risk if any shall be addressed.
  • Value assurance workshop is conducted
  • Bottom line contingency is in the order of ±10%

Concept Select Report (CSR) or Feasibility Report or Pre-FEED Report is generated during Select phase of the project which highlights about best concept selected and provide project life cycle cost i.e Net Present Value (NPV) for the selected option.